YPI Spotlight: Jessica Stevens

We’ve brought back the YPI Spotlight segment to shine a light on Poetic Insight veteran and YP Insight Family member, Jessica Stevens, who has found light in darkness through her poetry and most of all, her daughter.

Hi all, my name is Jessica Stevens. I’m a 22-year-old poet, spoken word artist and musician in Mitcham. I’m a mum to a little girl named Saphire, I play two roles for her, but despite this she is confident, bold and independent. She is in a choir. She writes songs and sings them to me. She shows expression on paper and through her voice.

I came to Young People Insight nervous and hadn’t quite found my voice at that point. Young People Insight has supported me and showed me the love and appreciation for what I do, and many more individuals who have and still perform here. I’m glad I’m part of this organisation – it’s by far my favourite place to be.

Young People Insight has two big meanings to me. One for its love and appreciation, and two, it’s the stage I performed a piece written about my daughter Saphire to her, named My Light in the Dark.

Poetry and spoken word have been my voice I never found ‘til my pen touched the paper. It pulled me through my depression and my silence, on top of my daughter Saphire being my biggest positive influence. I realised I can just speak without judgement, but gain appreciation, and people can relate. I am thankful for this grateful experience and the people have met, and still yet to meet.

I plan to start up an event in my town for the community to join together through expression by voice, our strongest tool we have in all of us. I plan for it to be all forms of expression in voice – singing, rapping, spoken word, poetry or whatever you would like to share, without judgement but achievement, which is the best accomplishment.

Stay updated with what Jessica is getting up to by following her on Instagram (@jessicastevenspoetry) and follow her poetry journey by liking Jessica’s Quotes And Poets on Facebook. 

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