Growth Displayed at Poetic Insight

Shaniqua looks back on June’s Poetic Insight, which was focused on Youth Violence.

We’ve been looking at youth violence all month at YPI, which included Poetic Insight on June 25th. Youth violence is a very big topic, as it is a very big issue affecting our community, which led to some very relatable poetry and spoken word.

Jessica was first onstage to share Circles, a very relevant poem about youth violence and the police, which included a beautiful line about sirens being like music that I could definitely relate to.  It was a real pleasure to watch Jessica on the night, as it was definitely her best poem to date and I am seeing her grow as a poet all the time.

Next up was Elisha, who spoke on the topic of knife crime and emphasised the importance of us respecting each other.  Elisha’s voice and persona continues to grow in confidence – you can visibly see how confident he is on the stage.

Tee Speaks returned to Poetic Insight after some time away, performing the powerful poem, The Tears of an Outspoken Woman, making her beautiful words heard as only she could.  She touched on so many elements relating to youth violence, which many could learn a lot from.

Luca took a different angle on the night by speaking about his favourite animal – dogs.  One point he wanted to strongly come across, which linked to the theme of the night in a way, was that he does not like when people are violent towards dogs.

I ended the night by sharing a poem from the collection I am working on, which related to the night’s theme, and also performing my spoken word poem on youth violence, War Zone.

I want to thank everyone who was a part of Poetic Insight and helped to bring the event to life – they are what keep me going.  To see the young people growing and developing their creative practise brings me joy and means a whole lot to me, as that is what YPI is all about.  I look forward to seeing more growth at Poetic Insight next month when the theme will be Dreams & Goals.

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