What’s Coming Up in July?

Summer is fully upon us, giving us beautiful bright sunshine and blue skies.  Having a proper summer in the UK is a dream, which is perfect for this month at YPI when we’ll be focusing on dreams and goals – always a favourite for us.

The Kickback

We’re starting with the Goals edition of The Kickback, which is always very special and incredibly insightful, as we are joined by young people doing cool and inspiring things in their lives.  It is so important for young people to see first-hand examples of young people making greatness happen, so they can see that they can make greatness happen too, regardless of their age.

We’ll be joined by some amazing speakers, including Croydon’s current Young Achiever of the Year, Sophia, and Founder of Flathouse Productions, Stephen.  We will be joined by more on the day, so don’t miss out on the event to find out who they are.

We’ll be at Project B from 6.30-8.30pm on the 16th July, so get the information in your calendar from now, then tell a friend to tell a friend, because you don’t want to miss out on the chance to be inspired.  Register for free at bit.ly/letstalkgoals-19

Poetic Insight

After talking goals, we’ll be going a little deeper with the theme of Dreams & Goals at Poetic Insight.  Last year was truly special and one of our most memorable poetry nights, and we’re hoping that this year will be just as memorable, if not more so.

We’re looking forward to hearing your poetry and spoken word, so if you want to share on the night, please email youngpeopleinsight@gmail.com.  However, if getting on stage isn’t your thing, then send us your poems to post here on the blog.

It’s going to be a beautiful, inspiring night of poetry, which you definitely want to be a part of.  Make sure you have 7-9pm on the 30th July at Urban Xchange Bar and Grill in your calendars now, and if you need a reminder, get your free tickets at bit.ly/poeticinsight-dreamsandgoals-19

As always, we want to have your voices represented on the blog throughout the month, so send us your poems on the theme or share your dreams through creative writing – you never know who you might inspire.  Email us at youngpeopleinsight@gmail.com with anything you would like to share.

Keep enjoying the sunshine and we hope to see your lovely, shining faces at either of our events this month – seeing you take to the stage or making your voice heard in our circles is a dream come true for us.  Lots of love to all of you.

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