Why You Should Watch Aadam Speaks’ TEDx Talk

Shaniqua lets you know why you should watch YP Insight family member, Aadam Speaks’ TEDx talk.

If you’ve been checking out our Spotlight posts, you would have seen the spotlight on Aadam Speaks when he told us that he had recently delivered a TEDx talk.  I can now excitedly announce that his TEDx talk is now live for all eyes to watch!

I had the pleasure of watching it, and it genuinely brought tears to my eyes.  The openness and honesty Aadam displayed was beautiful, and I learnt so much more about him in just 12 minutes.  I was also inspired, which is just what Aadam aims to do as he puts in work to change the world.

Have a watch of Aadam’s TEDx talk below, How to Thrive in the Face of Adversity.


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