YPI Spotlight: Elisha Mensah

This month, we’re shining the YPI Spotlight on Poetic Insight veteran, regular Kickback participant and YP Insight Family member, Elisha Mensah, whose life has been changed through spoken word.

Hello, my name is Elisha. Before I started all this, I went youth club from 2015 till now and I met Paul, my youth worker. I settled in nicely and made lots of friends.

My youth worker called me in to do a talk in front of the Croydon leaders – I was talking about my life journey from school till now and engaging with people, which is one of my subjects. Lots of people were clapping their hands, so I went away and my youth worker called me and said I had so much feedback from people. I did not know what to say. I was so happy.

I went away for a few months and I downloaded Facebook and started searching who does spoken word. It took me a few weeks and finally, I found someone who did and I could not believe it – my close friend Jess, she means so much to me. Last year 2018, she did a speech about phones and media. I was just amazed from that, so I asked her can I join you and she said of course you can.

From last August, my life changed. I made subject after subject, positive vibes. Different people are taking a lot from it. I also joined Young People Insight in Thornton Heath, or in Croydon. It has been amazing. My first time talking there was really good, so Jess invited me to all spoken word events/open mics nights, and I tell you guys, I could not ask for a better close friend. I connected with her when I texted her, so now we both do spoken word.

When I joined Young People Insight – it’d been a few months – that one changed me a lot. In 2018, I think, in Project B, I was talking about RIGHTS and some of the young people were cheering me on. They enjoyed my subject and I have been a part of the family, and we have discussions about different types of things. I have really enjoyed it.

Now the big one – Young People Insight – there’s so many things. I joined this with my close friend Jess. I was talking about engaging with people and some of them took away some of the things I was saying. I was really happy about it all, and ever since then, I grew in confidence.

I have been invited to What You Saying, Well Versed, and open mics. I met a few poets as well along the way. All this I’m doing is out of love and respect, and I have never been so happy in my life. Tell you what, all this has changed my whole life. I also go to the discussion nights, talking about mental health, and it was touching hearing different stories. So yeah, all of this has changed my life, spreading the love and I will continue this on my journey of life.

Stay updated with what Elisha is getting up to by following him on Instagram (@elisha.mensah.397).

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