What drives you towards reaching your goals?

Hakeem looks back on our goals focused conversation at The Kickback in July.

For the theme of July’s Kickback, it was Goals – what’s your purpose in life and what drives you there. We had two great guest speakers for this edition as they shared with us their goals in life, and how they stay hungry and passionate while on their journey to success.

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The first speaker up was David (Founder of Elliott Shepherds), who shared with us how it all started for him. David worked for a charity for a year just to get some sort of rough idea of what he wanted to do, what road he wanted to go down. While working for this charity, David got into mentoring young people, which led to him working his way up to become a life coach and a school teacher.

Something David touched on was his path to his main goal. He calls it legacy project, which is something he teaches his students and talks about as a life coach, rather than calling it goals or aims. I think legacy project sounds a lot more snazzy – really spices things up.

As a group, we all discussed having two main cemented goals to work towards, and a good point was raised of, “How do we keep the same drive that got us to that goal once we arrived at the destination?” I really liked that question, as I feel that it is something we all at some point struggle with.

David broke the answer down amazingly well, chopping it into different segments that connected everything together. He said your health – “How is this affecting me mentally and physically?” – your security – “Am I going to be stable, does this provide for me and my family?” – and really figuring out how to manage it all. Someone’s main goal from what there trying to build might be for security, to be comfortable financially, while someone else might put their happiness at the forefront as their main goal.

One of the individuals who were a part of the chat said that her health and fulfilment were her main motivations, while fulfilment seemed to be a majority favourite amongst everyone – feeling like what they’re doing is worthwhile to them and enjoyable.

Photo by Xclus.ve Photography.

We then handed over to our next guest with a story to share. Stephen (Founder and CEO of FlatHouse Productions) took centre stage and led the conversation, opening up about his ambitions and goals in life. Stephen led the typical 9-5 lifestyle, but was at one point homeless, so he decided to uplift himself and chase his dreams, which meant a different career path and deciding to follow his heart. His ambition in life now was becoming a music artist and producer.

Stephen’s main goal from music isn’t Hollywood glamour or to strike it rich. He is driven by the chance to help the state of the world, giving opportunities to others where they may not necessarily have gotten elsewhere.

Stephen mentioned how it takes time to make your goals a reality and people fail to grasp the patience needed while chasing the dream – ambition, mixed with drive and hunger is needed, alongside patience. This was said in response to someone raising the point that no one wants to talk about the hard times along the way, people only wanna see the end result.

Towards the end of the conversation, we had a heart-warming story from a young lady who previously lived in Italy, where she faced various problems. She opened up about her time selling drugs and mingling with the wrong set of people that she had to put her trust in. After leaving Italy, she realised her goals in life had to change. She came to this country [the UK] and decided to put her all into running her own trading company. She’s decided to use all the pain she’s encountered to drive her forward and use it as her main motivation.

To wrap up the night, David fed us more words of wisdom as he touched on the three core values you would die for and how these core values are what will help keep your engine running. This is something he talks about with his students, so I felt very privileged to be getting these great free gems. David also dropped another great quote to help wrap up the conversation: “Life is like playing a game and how you win at life depends on what level you play on.”

Photo by Xclus.ve Photography.

Overall, it was a great discussion. Everyone played their part in making it so special and I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who took part. If you haven’t been to The Kickback before, I hugely suggest you do.

For more information on David and Stephen’s journeys, follow them on Instagram: @shepherd_e27 and @stxv_fhp

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