A New Host at Poetic Insight

Shaniqua looks back on July’s Poetic Insight, which was all about Dreams & Goals.

July was all about dreams and goals at YPI, which was the theme of Poetic Insight on July 30th, and I can say that the night was a dream for me and definitely one of my favourite Poetic Insight events in a little while.

Part of what made the event such a dream was having it hosted by Jessica, which meant that I didn’t have to take on the role of host, especially during a week when I was very tired. It was great to give Jessica the opportunity to host though, as it is part of the development side of YPI that I am building on and it also provided her with another way to develop her confidence. I can truly say that I was very proud of her, and when the time comes for her to host again, she will definitely be even better.

Jessica hosting for the first time was a beautiful thing, but of course the night was about the poetry and spoken word, which was beautiful too.  First onstage was Elisha, who spoke on the topic of dreams and goals, which included encouraging all of us to have goals and telling us his dreams.

I was then able to take to the stage as just a spoken word poet, rather than a spoken word poet and a host, which felt really lovely. I shared some pieces from the collection of poetry I am working on, as it is my dream and goal to get it released within the next year.

Chantae shared her beautiful poetry, giving us a dark poem and an optimistic poem in relation to the theme, so we got the best of both worlds in a way. I am loving having the opportunity to see how Chantae is growing as well, so if you don’t know her, then you need to get to know.

Beverly started by telling us that she’s been focusing on her dreams and goals a lot this year, before launching into her performance of a powerful poem about how far she’s come. And boy, has she come far? I remember how nervous Beverly was when she first performed, so to see her confidence and ownership of the stage was just the most wondrous thing to see. Those moments are what dreams are made of.

As well as hosting, Jessica closed the night with an inspiring poem called Dream Catcher, which encouraged us to be positive and was just what we needed see out a month focused on dreams and goals at YPI.

I could not be more proud of everyone who was part of Poetic Insight last month, especially Jessica, who did a great job of hosting in spite of her nerves – I’m looking forward to seeing other young people take to the stage in the role of host too, as I will be stepping down from the role for good after December. I also want to say thank you to everyone who was part of the night, as I could not make it happen without you. I love you guys a whole lot.

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