A Beautiful Poetic Insight

Shaniqua looks back on August’s Poetic Insight, which was on the theme of Family & Friends.

After a great month of events, it was time to see out August with Poetic Insight on the 27th, before our September break, and what better way to go into a break than with the theme of Family & Friends.  It was a beautiful theme for a beautiful evening.

Like last month, we had a first-time host, keeping in line with the deeper focus on personal development and opening up opportunities for young people.  A month after his best friend Jessica, it was Elisha taking to the stage to host Poetic Insight.  He was buzzing to do it, reaching out to me after Poetic Insight in July and also showing great excitement about that the theme.  I felt proud watching him bring his warmth and encouragement onstage, and I know he can only improve the next time he takes up the mic to host.

I again enjoyed being able to take to the stage as just a poet, rather than poet and host.  I started with Summer Afternoon, a poem inspired by an afternoon in the park with a close friend, who I discovered is also my muse.  I then shared a new poem I wrote especially for the night, Manna from Heaven, about the friends and family in my life who are a blessing I hold dear.

Next up was CDesta, who was gracing the Poetic Insight stage for the first time and brought a wonderful energy to the night.  He first shared a beautiful poem about family and friends, before going away from the theme to share a powerful poem about being in a cage.  I loved his words and am definitely looking forward to seeing him again after the break.

Mhairi also returned to the Poetic Insight stage to spoil us all with a short set of her beautiful, deep poetry, as she felt that she had a lot to say on the theme, and I am definitely glad she did. She let us know that if there were more people, she probably wouldn’t have shared, so she was glad it was quiet, which is why I always say everything always happens for a reason. Sometimes, a small audience is what is needed for just one person, and Mhairi was that one person on this occasion.

As well as hosting, Elisha performed on the night, giving us his unique spoken word. He began by speaking about family, and went in as he ended by speaking about friends, perfectly bringing the event full circle.

It was a beautiful, chilled night and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who was a part of it, as it would not have been the same without you. I also want to say a big thank you to Elisha for being brave and bold enough to host, as I know it’s not easy.

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