How I Helped My Local MP to Shake Up the Polls

Elliott looks back a special cocktail experience he played a part in curating for his local MP in the run up to today’s General Election. 

The 2019 General Election is happening today, with many MPs standing for re-election and parliamentary candidates waiting to see what takes place after they’ve been plotting to gain seats. They are sure to be feeling quite nervous, butterflies perhaps flying around, or even just excited at how the story unfolds.  One would also suggest that with marginal seats around the country, the possibility of a shock upset will be the last thing candidates want to wake up to on Friday 13th.

In Croydon North – which is my area – Labour is considered a safe seat.  My local MP, Steve Reed has held the seat since a 2012 by-election, and in my opinion, has done an excellent job, including securing investment to redevelop the new A&E at Croydon University Hospital, and also being present during the Legacy Youth Zone official opening in Whitehorse.

However, I could see that there were some gaps in engagement within Croydon North that I wanted to help bridge, particularly within the black community, which is very important to me as someone who is part of that community.

One of my favourite spots is the black-owned, Jamaican experience that is Yahso Bar & Grill in Thornton Heath. On Wednesday 27th November, I organised for Steve to engage in a cocktail making experience inside Yahso, which was filmed by Asher of RNA Media, another young person who is from Norbury. I wanted to ensure that young people in the area, as well as the black community, were engaged and represented.

Steve was warmly welcomed by joint owner Yvonne Clark and partner Andrew Dell, who were very pleased to have Steve in the house. Have a look at how Steve got on below…

Elliott is a strong advocate of pushing local black businesses in London. You can stay updated on what he’s getting up to by emailing or following him on Twitter: @EJ_PSOLACE

RNA Media is a channel that makes videos for the public, including music videos and freestyles, specialising in video editing and graphic design. For enquiries and more information, email or follow @RNAMEDIA1 on Twitter.

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