YPI Spotlight: #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie

The YPI Spotlight segment is back, and this time we’re shining the spotlight on Poetic Insight performer and YP Insight Family member, #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie, a long time writer who is taking the poetry and spoken word world by storm.

I want to rightfully start, by thanking Young People Insight, from the blog itself to the wonderful founder and amazing poet Shaniqua Benjamin, for this opportunity to share my story on this lovely platform!

My name is Cherenet Desta, but I commonly go by the stage name #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie. I am a Writer, Spoken Word Poet and all-round Purple Tie enthusiast.

Aside from poetry, I have been writing on and off for nine years. Poetry itself came about for me when I hit a writer’s block with my other writing projects. One thing I found important and probably the reason why I’ve fallen in love with the poetical scene – which happened when I hit writer’s block also known, as ‘The Inner Policeman’ – was to write whatever. No lie. I found it extremely difficult at first, as I was very sceptical about being able to silence my inner policeman.

It took a while for me to get anything out of the ‘just write anything’ method. It began with daily diary entries, that ended up in a poetical way, then turned into poetry. This journey began over a year ago, after some time writing page poetry for myself, when I decided I wanted to push myself.

I felt, and was, too comfortable. I wanted to take my writing a step further, especially as my other writing projects had a much slower turn around time. So, how did my performances all begin?

There wasn’t anything more to it than searching ‘Open Mic London’ and there they were. Now, I was on the edge of procrastination. I was close to not attending any. I was close to pushing it off to “another month”. Though something in my mind pushed and motivated me to not put it off for another moment.

First event was Spoken Word London, 7th August 2019; this was the beginning of the calm before the flood. After my first buzz of open mic nights I was hooked. Since then, I’ve been to Extra Second London, BoxedIN, Poetic Insight and over 30 other events, and still counting.

Many would indeed say it’s crazy, maybe poetically crazy. For me, it’s my rush, my comfort, my safe space that helps me to realign and keep my creative flow primed.

Depending on when this goes out, I will have had my very first headline booking. Something I didn’t think would have happened until years in my journey/creative career.

I want to end this by saying, I am grateful beyond words to all of the organisers, event locations, hosts, open mic’ers, features, seasoned veteran wordsmiths that have imparted much wisdom to me, and a huge thanks and gratitude to each and every event audience!

You are all part of the #PurpleTieFamily and appreciated by #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie!!

Until next time,
Love, Blessings and Peace.

Follow #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie on:
Insta: @Cdestawrittenworld
Twitter: @cdestaW
Youtube: Cdestawrittenworld

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