Coronavirus – Post-sanity

In a time of confusion, worry and uncertainty, Marina Curran expresses her thoughts through poetry.

Stripped bare, take my socks and gloves and desanitise me,
Show me life’s bare bones, the last remains – post sanity,
Let me stand 2m from your face, and explain our fate, do you understand me,
Because we’re all scared and social distance bares sharp teeth, when I cares replaced with profanity,
“So stay the f*** away from me”.
An illness that shows up and shows us ‘our enemies’
And the naysayers will keep saying it’s other countries,
But in actuality it’s a system that allows us to think we live in safety,
A mentality that tells us to prioritise our own wellbeing,
Then like a cloth pulled from under us we’re all expected to fall motionless into herd mentality,
Have you heard of bounded rationality?
Have you heard of Dunbar’s theory?

But let’s be fair we are all confused,
And maybe selfish acts are less a sign of selfishness and more to do with restlessness.
Are you bemused?
Disillusioned by endless news – of shock and fear, the discourse blues,
Don’t tell me I’m not vulnerable,
I’m vulnerable to carelessness the same as you,
Is forgetfulness an option I choose?
When 23 years of embedded norms seep through,
And the blood on my hands makes me a victim too,
My well intentions aren’t enough to protect my conscience.
So please forgive me.

Marina is a half Spanish, half Irish new-ish Londoner, working in creative roles from marketing to design. She writes poetry, reads psychology and philosophy, and climbs in her spare time. Stay updated on Marina’s poetry by following her on Instagram: @societal.sibilance

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