How Opening Your Mind Can Help You Step into Your Power

Sky Caesar explores how opening your mind can help you to step into your power and become limitless.

What does it mean to live the life you want? Is this some mythical formula of hard work, no sleep or luck? We think the chance circumstances of the outside world is what is going to make us feel happy inside, but everybody out there tells you success is a mentality. What does this mentality look like? This is where stepping into your own power comes into play.

Wanting the best for yourself is the starting point for developing the perspective and power needed for a new life. This is actually the hardest step, saying you want, and actually wanting to, are two different things. The first is ladled in fear and negative conclusions you have come to as a result of what you think were your failures.

Open-mindedness not only allows you to discover new ways to improve your own life, but allows you now to see more clearly the validness of The Other; those who are not like you. Whether in race, belief, or personality, once you approach everything with more understanding and less prejudice, this creates a domino effect for the betterment of everyone.

“Your thoughts create your reality.”

Scientifically, what you so focus on you attract, either through confirmation bias (seeing only things in the world that confirms what you already believe in), or the placebo effect (the expectation of something being a cure, and through the power of belief it causes healing despite that on its own, this “cure” does nothing). This also holds the same meaning in the famous spiritual quote “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”, meaning if your mind is open and your thoughts limitless, the potential for your own reality is indeed also limitless.

Is it scary to think only you are in your own way of having a life with limitless potential? This is a natural reaction since confinement and limits make us feel safe. The illusion of safety, however, is not enough to make you happy, or allow you to achieve your highest dreams: It is the very thing that stops us from that.

So open your mind. You are being presented with ways to do this every single day through the contrast you see in the world, through things you see that you don’t like, agree with, understand. And things you do like, agree with, and understand. Through contrast, you expand, as long as you don’t get caught up in the undertow of negative truths that exist in our realities.

We must no longer live by who others perceive us to be, but by acknowledging who we are to ourselves rather than taking this for granted. Declaring “this is how I am and always will be” is sealing your weaknesses in, as if you were somehow born with this trait. Everything is learnt, the toxic and non-toxic traits in us. That same way we gradually unlearn them, and heal, stepping into the full power of ourselves without these.

The more expansive your brain becomes, the more limitless you become, now open to a life of infinite realities and possibilities.

Sky Caesar is a just-turned 20-year-old writer/filmmaker launching her first novel. She uses anything in her life as a means to discover what contributions she can make to the world as she discovers her kind of Spirituality, creativity and different forms of activism.  Stay updated on Sky by following her on Instagram (@skykalikcaesar) or going to her website:

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