What Inspired Me to Write My First Book

Sky Caesar shares what inspired her to write her first book and what you can gain from reading it.

I grew up travelling around the world, had family of different spiritual beliefs to learn from, my parents taught me self-love and black empowerment, I was speaking 3-4 languages before primary school age.

Yet with all the open-mindedness and freedom my upbringing demonstrated to me, I found myself soon starting college and feeling so deeply trapped in self-worthlessness, so unknowing of how to move forward, that it was almost crippling. 15 years old turned to 16, then 17, I sank further.

But what I didn’t realise then was that 16 was when my true journey had begun. Veeery slowly, I used writing to explore myself, reflecting on what contributions I could make to the world, discovering MY kind of spirituality, creativity and different forms of activism and change-making. Yes, it started with pessimistic thinking about how messed up the world was, but that led me to such a high and solid place within myself at 20 years old, and I realised the possibilities that I had opened my life to through connecting with a higher understanding of myself.

Books, movies, music, Instagram… I had discovered learning could come from anywhere and anything if I “used” it to my benefit, and thanks to these, 4 years later this journey is what I compiled into my first novel ‘The Little Book Of Infinite Realities’. It’s a self-help book and not a ‘do this!’, because as my sister Vala says, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink,” nothing can force you to learn. You have to enable your own self.

I wanted to present potentially self-liberating and slightly unusual perspectives into the hands of others beyond my immediate reach to promote more open minds. From new ways of looking at black oppression and rebellion, to popular concepts of self-improvement, such as the power of the mind and energy and how it can change your world… many core things at the root of our problems.

I am still young and still in the middle of the journey. I am like you, a reflection. Showing to you something on the outside of you (me) what could be going on in your inner world. What this book is about is beyond this book, it is about you and how you work with tools at your disposal to connect with yourself more deeply, more lovingly from this very moment on.

The concepts and perspectives presented in my book are very unique to my perspective, yet very wide and not-limited to my experience simultaneously. My intention is for more non-constrained individuals. The most important thing is not my book, the point is to enjoy the ride of life however you can, appreciate the process, realise that everything and anything in your life can be used to your highest advantage and evolution.

It is to keep on forever growing and seeking what reminds you of your power. That is all – it is a big all. It is amazing, if you look closely enough.

Sky Caesar is a just-turned 20-year-old writer/filmmaker launching her first novel. She uses anything in her life as a means to discover what contributions she can make to the world as she discovers her kind of Spirituality, creativity and different forms of activism.  Stay updated on Sky by following her on Instagram (@skykalikcaesar).  You can order her book on her website: infinitebook.squarespace.com

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