YPI Spotlight: Antonia Green

This month, we’re shining the YPI Spotlight on occasional Kickback participant and YPI photographer, Poetic Insight veteran and YP Insight Family member, Antonia Green, a poet who found a space to perform and grow in YPI.

First things first, big up Shaniqua for giving me this month’s spotlight. Also, thank you to YPI for being the first platform I was able to share my poetry with.

I started writing when I was about 14, when life was hard and I needed an outlet. (Well life can still be hard now but we move🤷🏾‍♀‍). Writing for me was something I didn’t know I could do until one of my teachers pointed it out and from then on, I never stopped, but I’d keep my work hidden.

I started performing in 2018 and my first performance was at a YPI event in July 2018. When I came across a YPI post, I contacted Shaniqua straight away. Shaniqua provided a safe space for me to feel comfortable and it was amazing. I had the pleasure of being enlightened and inspired by the other poets that performed that day.

I’ve performed at several YPI events and others as well. I’m not much of a seasoned poet. (More lemon and herb than medium or hot😂) but I know I’ll get there eventually.

I haven’t been 100% consistent with performance but I aim to change that very soon, so don’t sleep on me guys. Keep a lookout for me, after this quarantine of course🙄.

Once again, thank you so, so, so much to Shaniqua Benjamin for not only giving me a platform but for acting as a mentor and encouraging me throughout my poetic journey.
She truly is a Love Warrior.

Thanks again to YPI for giving me this month’s spotlight.

Stay updated with what Antonia is getting up to by following her on Instagram (@teespeaks.__)

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