YPI Spotlight: Josephine

This month, we’re shining the YPI Spotlight on occasional Kickback participant and Poetic Insight performer, and YP Insight Family member, Josephine, a creative who is trying to spread positivity and healing through arts on social media..

Heya. My name’s Josephine, aged 22, with a mixed heritage of Ghanaian, English and Irish. I’m an Education Studies graduate. Still desperately lost in life LOL. In spite of this, I’m pretty sure my purpose is to serve, support and share. Not sure through which means at the moment though. I love community/ youth work, sports, creativity and ministry. So, fingers crossed, some clarity will come soon!

I’ve deffo had a very turbulent relationship with my expression of the arts. A lot of doubt, nerves and confusion. After losing my father whilst in college, my passion for music and poetry really flew out the window. I ended up deleting lots of old poems and recordings of covers (will forever not forgive myself for doing this, had some real bangers in those collections KMT).

Young People Insight actually pushed me to writing poetry again, after Shaniqua set it up. Seeing the benefits of sharing your creations, and embracing a community that do the same, were sentiments that shone through even at the very beginning of YPI.

These values definitely resonate with a new initiative I started during lockdown. I realised a lot of us love creating, but stop for a number of reasons:

  1. Feeling comparatively not good enough in our field of interest
  2. The world and all its responsibilities and stresses consume our time
  3. The arts are seen as unhelpful as an adult, almost childish.

Portfolio Of Positivity (POP) was created amidst all the uncertainty and craziness of Coronavirus. Being furloughed gave me a lil more control of my time and I wanted to reinvest it into my old loves of the arts. I experienced peace, joy, and bare positive things that I hadn’t felt in ages. When I shared my work with a few friends, their positive responses and encouragement felt whilst listening or reading, was beautiful also! This ethos is something I wanted to encourage others to experience too, “Healing yourself whilst creating. Healing others with your creations”.

Social media was so toxic to me mentally, physically and spiritually, consequently making me come off for nearly two years. As much negativity as there is available on social media, there is much room for positivity, and that is what I wanted this page to be for creators and followers. Expression in any creative way possible truly welcome. Now I’m trying to start my personal page for my random creations, but still shook – so wish me luck on that venture.

Thank you so much Shaniqua, for allowing yourself to be used to serve the community and keep creativity alight in young adults. Also, for allowing me to share a lil bit of myself for Spotlight.

Blessings x

Stay involved with what Josephine is getting up to by following her on Instagram (@mawulepey)  

Stay engaged and get involved with Portfolio of Positivity by following @portfolio.of.positivity on Instagram.

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