The Power of Looking Within & The Game of Duality

Alana M-T explores the power of looking within and the positive impact it can have on your life.

The most valuable power on this earth is our attention. Without our attention a lot of things could not come into place. Companies would not be as infamous; celebrities would not be so famous. Societies, standards, structures, and rules would have not been created, without our focused attention, and believing them without any discernment or questions asked.

Now in the year 2020 (The Year of Coronavirus and the Great Awakening), our attention is being craved more than ever before in the history of humankind. There is the news and social media, trying every clever illusion and technique – trying to draw us into unrealised realities of doom and Armageddon, while there are those who wish to use the fear of the collective to cause widespread fear, pain, confusion, and inferiority within each one of us. What they are trying to create can also be described as Hell on Earth.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call The Game of Duality. You are not alone in experiencing this, for I and over eight billion people on this planet are moving through the illusions of The Game of Duality right now. The way this game wishes to be won, is by completely separating mankind to the point where we turn on each other, fight one another, and in the end become so fearful that we hand the most powerful tool we own (our awareness and focused attention) over to those who created the game in the first place, in order to attain that power off you.

Our collective attention and vision are the power that creates the cinematic outcomes we rather choose to create; or give the power to those who will then tell us what to create with it. The movie and the result will not be on a screen…the movie is the reality you see in front of you 24/7 while you live your life.

This game has also been explained as the 3D Matrix, Matrix, and even The Great Deception. So how do we win this game for ourselves? How do we escape the shadow lands of death which are just illusions aiming to sypher and suck our power and hand it over!? How do we win!?

Look Within.

To look within is to find out really who you are, why you are on this planet, and why those in the external environment desire and crave the power of your focused attention so badly, like a vampire desires blood. We are much more than human beings who just go to work, have a family, have mini holidays, age, and die. We are not only powerful on our own, but we are even more powerful when we all unite as one and declare our power though our freedom and sovereignty.

They crave your power, because they don’t want you to look within, for when you look within, you realise the game, and then you know you won’t believe their great pantomime anymore, let alone the game. You will glide through it (possibly exit out of it), help others to see the game, and finally unite as one.

Once humanity unites completely as one unit, and declares the game is over, the game will have to stop, and the winners of the game receive their just rewards. In looking within, you find the greatest tool to winning this game, and that is called neutrality. Neutrality is to take no sides but be like the eagle who flies overhead, and sees the sight, battle, or game from a higher point with a new focused awareness.

To achieve neutrality, means to not be pulled in or combined to any one side. This is why meditation is advised so strongly, because with practice and patience you end up centring yourself into the middle, where you have a complete silent awareness, and neither side can pull you into joining their plan or acting their commands. If you do decide to make a stand or choice, in the state of neutrality, you have a more aware conscious of what to do, what you will do, and how far you go before you must come back to centre again, and not be swayed by anybody to come back out of neutrality.

I will finish by saying that many of us are still in quarantine. Many of us have the time to look within ourselves; discover who we truly are, how we can use our power to enrich and fill our own lives with abundance, and the completed goals that make our lives the best lives ever lived. With your power of attention and conscious awareness, who will you decide to give your power to?

Recommended Books
  • The Secret (For Beginners)
  • The Field by Lynne McTaggart (and many more books on Quantum Physics)
  • The Game of Life and how to Play It
  • All Books by Neville Goddard (More Advanced Teachings)
  • Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing, and Tufti the Priestess. Live Stroll Through a Movie (For Advanced people who know about quantum physics, universal laws, and Quantum jumping. I also recommend this for anyone of any level.)

Alana M-T is a fine artist and photographer, specialising in Surrealism, Abstract, & Psychedelic art.  Stay updated on Alana by following her on Twitter (@AMTPHOTOANDART) or Instagram (@amtphotographyandart7).

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