Raising Awareness Through Illustration

Manisha Rekhi shares some of her illustrations and the inspiration behind the illustrations she creates to raise awareness.

I have been passionate about art from a very young age. It started as a form of escapism, then it grew to the point where I can share my personal thoughts to people through a visual standpoint.

I developed my skills as an artist when I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in illustration. I started to bring my influence of music into my artwork when one of the projects was to create a range of posters and CD covers inspired by the colourful style of the 80’s. For my final major project at university, I produced a variety of gig posters, vinyl covers, and animations based on the musical artists Sia and Melanie Martinez. The processes I used throughout the project were, Photoshop, laser cutting, iMovie, sculpting and printmaking.

I expanded my knowledge and creativity as a designer by attending the work experience program at Livity. During my time there, I interviewed young people about: ‘What is it like to turn 18 in 2019?’

I also had a previous role as a social media creator at Musik Lemon. Tasks included writing biographies of upcoming artists and reviews on their latest albums, which then get posted on the website and social media. I also created content such as, logos, merchandise and flyers for a campaign launch event.

My main inspiration behind my illustrations is music, because sometimes I can relate to the lyrics, especially the ones that tend to have a deeper and emotional message behind them. Also, stars and space are another theme I am inspired by, because every time I gaze upon the stars, it distracts me from reality and what is currently happening in the world, which translates into my illustrations.

I tend to get mixed emotions when creating my artwork; but it is mainly a contrast of feeling melancholic and hopeful at the same time. Overall, I want people to see my artwork as a way to show that they are not alone in this world by, creating social awareness in a form of visual interpretation.

My end goal is producing content for musicians and generating awareness through my illustrations, by continuing to learn and experiment with different techniques that can benefit me in becoming a better artist in the long run.

Manisha is an illustrator from Croydon, whose artwork focuses on the importance of suffering from depression and wildlife awareness of endangered animals.  You can find out more about Manisha and her artwork by going to her website (manisharekhi.com) and following her on Instagram (@manisha_rekhi).

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