Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe and loving community, giving young people the space to express themselves freely, tap into their full potential, learn from others and be the change they want to see.

Our Vision

It is important that we form an environment that makes everyone involved feel comfortable and on an equal level, so when engaging with Young People Insight, we will:

Acknowledge that the only label that we have is that we are people.
By being open to interacting with and learning from others, regardless of our differences or divisions, and showing empathy towards those outside our “tribes”.

Gain a better understanding of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, without discriminating or passing judgment.
By learning more about the experiences of others, it will enable us to become more socially conscious and develop our own world views.

Develop our communication skills and respect for others.
Interactions with those we may be unfamiliar with will provide opportunities to open our mindsets. We will not use offensive language, speak over others, or act out violently or aggressively if we disagree with someone.

Expand knowledge on a variety of issues faced by young people and wider society through conversation and creativity.
By making our voices heard on issues directly affecting us, we are educating ourselves and others on societal issues and exploring what we need for things to get better. Anyone is welcome to express themselves, regardless of their artistic “level” or “expertise”.

Have a say in the organisation’s development and which topics will be focused on.
It is essential that we all feel valued and that the platform is working in the best interests of the majority, focusing on topics and themes that are important to each of us.