Coronavirus – Post-sanity

In a time of confusion, worry and uncertainty, Marina Curran expresses her thoughts through poetry. Stripped bare, take my socks and gloves and desanitise me, Show me life's bare bones, the last remains – post sanity, Let me stand 2m from your face, and explain our fate, do you understand me, Because we're all scared … Continue reading Coronavirus – Post-sanity

YPI Spotlight: #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie

The YPI Spotlight segment is back, and this time we're shining the spotlight on Poetic Insight performer and YP Insight Family member, #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie, a long time writer who is taking the poetry and spoken word world by storm. I want to rightfully start, by thanking Young People Insight, from the blog itself to the wonderful … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie

How Young People Insight is Changing in 2020

Our Founding Director, Shaniqua, shares how YPI will be changing this year and why these changes are taking place. We’re well into January 2020, which officially means that YPI has been going as a physical platform for four years, and has been a Community Interest Company for one year. I still can’t believe how long … Continue reading How Young People Insight is Changing in 2020

Looking Back on 2019, Moving Forward to 2020

Shaniqua gives an insight into the final YPI event of 2019, when we were Looking Back, Moving Forward.  The last month of the year means that it's time look back and move forward, which is what we did on the 17th December when The Kickback and Poetic Insight combined at Project B.  It was a … Continue reading Looking Back on 2019, Moving Forward to 2020

Hard To Take Away the Positives – #GE2019

Elliott expresses his thoughts on the outcome of last week's General Election. The Result Conservative Party: 364 (326 for a majority = 38 seat majority, +47) Labour Party: 203 (-59) Scottish National Party: 48 (+13) Liberal Democrats: 11 (-1) DUP: 8 (-2) Other: 15 (+2) What happened on Friday morning should have never happened, but … Continue reading Hard To Take Away the Positives – #GE2019

How I Helped My Local MP to Shake Up the Polls

Elliott looks back a special cocktail experience he played a part in curating for his local MP in the run up to today's General Election.  The 2019 General Election is happening today, with many MPs standing for re-election and parliamentary candidates waiting to see what takes place after they’ve been plotting to gain seats. They … Continue reading How I Helped My Local MP to Shake Up the Polls

What’s Coming Up in December?

Just like that, we're already in December and gearing up for our final event of 2019.  As always, December is a very quiet month for us here at YPI, with only one event taking place rather than two or more. The Kickback x Poetic Insight The Kickback and Poetic Insight come together as one for … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in December?

What do you think gender is?

Shaniqua gives you a snapshot of the conversation at The Kickback in November when we were talking about Gender Identity. The Kickback on the 19th November saw us sitting down to talk about Gender Identity, as suggested by Kris.  Although Kris couldn't be at the event, he sent through some questions that were used as … Continue reading What do you think gender is?