How I’m Battling with Myself Mentally

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, our founder, Shaniqua, shares her experience of her mental health struggles and how they have continued to affect her. If you've followed the YPI blog and my journey over the years, you will know about my battle with self-harm and my mental battles with myself, which led to me … Continue reading How I’m Battling with Myself Mentally

What’s Coming Up in May?

May is here, which means that Mental Health Awareness Week will be taking place, which means that we will be focusing on Mental Health here at Young People Insight.  Mental health is incredibly important, but it has been neglected and not taken seriously enough for a long time.  There continues to be a lot of … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in May?

All Smiles and Warmth at Poetic Insight

Smiles decorated the faces of everyone in the room at Poetic Insight on April 30th, with the warmth and good vibes being felt on the night stemming from our theme of Happiness.  Mhairi was adamant that this be one of the themes at Poetic Insight this year, as poetry and spoken word can be very … Continue reading All Smiles and Warmth at Poetic Insight

What is meant by sexual orientation?

Mhairi looks back on our conversation at The Kickback in April. We kicked off The Kickback on April 16th by discussing what we thought was meant by sexual orientation, with Shaniqua saying that she was unsure after we’d spoken upon walking in, but she would say it’s the person you’re attracted to, that you want … Continue reading What is meant by sexual orientation?

YPI Spotlight: Renee Lord-Lindsay

The YPI Spotlight segment returns to shine the spotlight on YP Insight Family member and one of our trusted advisors, Renee Lord-Lindsay, who has set up her own initiative to support others and bring change to Croydon. ‘My life began to change the moment I started asking the right questions and receiving the wrong answers.’ … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: Renee Lord-Lindsay

Developing An Understanding of Sexual Orientation

As we get ready to talk about Sexual Orientation at The Kickback, Mhairi shares her thoughts and experiences in relation to the topic to get the conversation started. Sexuality and sexual orientation is a hugely controversial topic for so many, but it is something we consider when talking about equality. Yet I’m sure many of … Continue reading Developing An Understanding of Sexual Orientation

What’s Coming Up in April?

The clocks have gone forward and the sun is shining longer, which means that spring is officially here!  Spring is a great season, with beautiful blossoms blowing in the air and of course, more great YPI events.  You're going to love what we've got in store for you this month. The Kickback We've got another … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in April?