How I Helped My Local MP to Shake Up the Polls

Elliott looks back a special cocktail experience he played a part in curating for his local MP in the run up to today's General Election.  The 2019 General Election is happening today, with many MPs standing for re-election and parliamentary candidates waiting to see what takes place after they’ve been plotting to gain seats. They … Continue reading How I Helped My Local MP to Shake Up the Polls

What’s Coming Up in December?

Just like that, we're already in December and gearing up for our final event of 2019.  As always, December is a very quiet month for us here at YPI, with only one event taking place rather than two or more. The Kickback x Poetic Insight The Kickback and Poetic Insight come together as one for … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in December?

What do you think gender is?

Shaniqua gives you a snapshot of the conversation at The Kickback in November when we were talking about Gender Identity. The Kickback on the 19th November saw us sitting down to talk about Gender Identity, as suggested by Kris.  Although Kris couldn't be at the event, he sent through some questions that were used as … Continue reading What do you think gender is?

What’s Coming Up in November?

With the click of a finger, it's November and we're down to our last full months of events (we've only got one event in December).  It's crazy at how mad quick this year has gone by, but we can we do?  Time waits for no man.  With that said, let's get into what's coming up … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in November?

What is race? – Part 2

Ellie continues to look back on October's conversation at The Kickback, which focused on Concept of Race. As I said in my previous post, the conversation at The Kickback on the 15th October was so insightful that I’ve split it into two parts. After speaking about what race is and the stereotypes that can come … Continue reading What is race? – Part 2

What is race? – Part 1

Ellie looks back on The Kickback in October when we were talking all about the Concept of Race. The most recent Kickback on the 15th October saw those at Project B talking about race, which was such an insightful conversation, I’ve had to split the write up into two parts. Shaniqua set the conversation off … Continue reading What is race? – Part 1

Help Us Help You

With YPI moving forward, Shaniqua speaks about how you can support and get more involved. Some of you may know that these next few months are a time of transition for YPI, as I work towards stepping back in some areas and giving you more of an opportunity to be in the forefront and take … Continue reading Help Us Help You

What’s Coming Up in October?

It's October, which means that we are officially back from our break, and we haven't come back quietly either.  We've got a full-on month of greatness in store for you, so get comfortable and read on to find out all that we've got in store. Instapoetry Workshops In case you happen to have forgotten, it's … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in October?