The Time is Now

The budget unveiled by the Conservatives this week revealed that they were scrapping the maintenance grants for lower-income students, but allowing universities to increase their fees beyond £9,000.  This is in spite of some students already resorting to extreme measures to stay financially afloat. Rather than effecting their pockets, the constant pressure put on students … Continue reading The Time is Now

Knife crime has become a part of everyday life

Last night, I shook my head in disbelief as I read about yet another young man being stabbed do death.  The utter shock I felt was not because a young man had been stabbed, but rather that it was another to add to the numerous stabbings that had taken place over the past week.  I … Continue reading Knife crime has become a part of everyday life

Knife Crime is Becoming a Normality

As I sat watching the news yesterday and heard about a young man in South London being murdered by a group of teenagers, I immediately knew that it was a stabbing.  When I hear particular news items, I am now aware of when they are going to use the term "stab", because knife crime has … Continue reading Knife Crime is Becoming a Normality