Reflecting on The Complete Freedom of Truth Croydon

On August 20th, I finally achieved my goal of bringing The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT) to my home town of Croydon.  This is a project that I love and means more to me than I can describe - you properly have to see my eyes brighten and face light up when I speak about … Continue reading Reflecting on The Complete Freedom of Truth Croydon

Being Inspired by Young Talent

Young people are regularly villainized by the media and it sickens me.  You can be sure that the wrongs committed by youth will be reported, but the good things they are doing are often kept under the radar.  Don't you find yourself asking why that is? I feel privileged to know some truly amazing and talented … Continue reading Being Inspired by Young Talent

Embracing His Calling: Reece’s Story

When I asked Reece Thompson if he had always wanted to be an artist, his response was, "I had no choice.  I tried to get away but my hand is attracted to paintbrushes like banks to cheques and teenagers to phones." I met Reece, 24, the straightforward young man who has a beautiful way with … Continue reading Embracing His Calling: Reece’s Story