YPI Spotlight: Josephine

This month, we're shining the YPI Spotlight on occasional Kickback participant and Poetic Insight performer, and YP Insight Family member, Josephine, a creative who is trying to spread positivity and healing through arts on social media.. Heya. My name’s Josephine, aged 22, with a mixed heritage of Ghanaian, English and Irish. I’m an Education Studies … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: Josephine

8 Steps I Took to Improving My Mental Health

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Shaniqua shares some of the steps she took to look after and improve her mental health. As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we had a great series of conversation on Instagram Live on Wednesday, with me talking to Elliott, Mhairi, Daniel, Demi and Elisha. Their shared experiences and tips were … Continue reading 8 Steps I Took to Improving My Mental Health

Meet Our First Team Member

I’m Mhairi Potts-Wyatt, 22 years old and work with autistic children in both primary and secondary settings. I am an advocate for mental health awareness with a passion for writing and particularly poetry. I started writing through a blog and only last year began performing some of what I’d written, having broken my leg and … Continue reading Meet Our First Team Member

Let’s Talk About Goals

It was all about goals at The Kickback on July 24th, as we thought about the goals we had and goals we could aspire to after hearing from positive, inspiring young people. To start the conversation, I asked what a goal is.  Mhairi made us all laugh with her witty response: "Where you aim in … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Goals

Reflecting on The Complete Freedom of Truth Croydon

On August 20th, I finally achieved my goal of bringing The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT) to my home town of Croydon.  This is a project that I love and means more to me than I can describe - you properly have to see my eyes brighten and face light up when I speak about … Continue reading Reflecting on The Complete Freedom of Truth Croydon

Returning to The Complete Freedom of Truth

On August 1st 2016, I returned to The Complete Freedom of Truth, This time in UK's Bournemouth, Rather than Bosnia, Reuniting with friends of old, Ready to meet the new. Last year was amazing, In some ways, This year was even better, Pushing us further as artists, Even further as youth leaders. We engaged in workshops, … Continue reading Returning to The Complete Freedom of Truth

Creative Futures Programme Day 23

Yesterday was the final day of the Creative Futures Programme, as Positive Summer Vibes comes to the LNK unit in Croydon tomorrow from 10am until 6pm.  After six weeks of preparation, learning new skills, gaining nuggets of knowledge and building up a network, our project had come to a close. However, yesterday was not a … Continue reading Creative Futures Programme Day 23

Creative Futures Programme Day 22: More Promotion

The focus on promotion continued in the lead up to Positive Summer Vibes, as we passed the middle mark of the week.  With just two days left until the event, it is essential for us to get the word out there and ensure that as many people know about the event as possible. Ruth Daniel … Continue reading Creative Futures Programme Day 22: More Promotion