The Life He Chose Review

Consequences.  Unfortunately, this is a word not taken into consideration by too many young people when making decisions or taking action.  Not considering the consequences of having sex without contraception.  Not considering the consequences of bullying an individual.  Not considering the consequences of taking someone's life with a knife. Consequences of bad decisions are at the … Continue reading The Life He Chose Review

The Recurring Problem

Unemployment.   A recurring problem, Showing no sign of going away, No matter what you might hear them say. Youth unemployment figures, Yo-yoing up and down, But not actually telling the full story, Not revealing the full extent of the problem. Young people like hamsters, Running round and round in a wheel, Asking for experience, but … Continue reading The Recurring Problem

Violent Crime: A Growing Issue

It is disturbingly worrying to see so many young individuals turning to violence to resolve certain situations.  What is worst, however, is that they are turning to weapons to carry out their violent crimes, which results in further trauma. In this world, it appears that we have a problem with communication, especially us young people.  … Continue reading Violent Crime: A Growing Issue