A New Host at Poetic Insight

Shaniqua looks back on July's Poetic Insight, which was all about Dreams & Goals. July was all about dreams and goals at YPI, which was the theme of Poetic Insight on July 30th, and I can say that the night was a dream for me and definitely one of my favourite Poetic Insight events in … Continue reading A New Host at Poetic Insight

We Are Dreamt Off

With July's focus being on Dreams & Goals, Ellie Ruby reflects on dreams in a piece of creative writing. When I was a little girl my mother was a bellows, crouching at the foot of her kindling. She blew so hard to make sure my dreams billowed out. Shrouded me. To a mother, a child … Continue reading We Are Dreamt Off

What’s Coming Up in July?

Summer is fully upon us, giving us beautiful bright sunshine and blue skies.  Having a proper summer in the UK is a dream, which is perfect for this month at YPI when we'll be focusing on dreams and goals - always a favourite for us. The Kickback We're starting with the Goals edition of The … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in July?

Following Dreams

As humans, It's inevitable that we dream, Sometimes when we close our eyes to sleep, Other times when we sit in a daze. Dreaming dreams that are feasible, Or dreams that are nonsense, They are still dreams all the same; Yet there are some That can become reality, That we want to make reality One … Continue reading Following Dreams

Young People Share Their Dreams at the YP Insight Forum

Passion and goals; something inside of you that you want to fulfill; something you hope to be; an imaginary milestone. These were some of the terms used to describe dreams, the focus point of the Young People Insight forum on May 17th. It only seemed right for us to start by sharing our dreams, which included: … Continue reading Young People Share Their Dreams at the YP Insight Forum

The Inspirational Legacy of Lauren Hill

Today I watched the tribute to college basketball player, Lauren Hill, from the 2015 ESPY Awards, and it was beautiful.  I cried as I was reminded of the amazing courage this young woman showed in the face of adversity and how she made a big difference in the world in such a short space of … Continue reading The Inspirational Legacy of Lauren Hill

Putting in Work to Achieve His Dreams: Joel’s Story

There has been a certain buzz around the UK music scene over recent years, which is likely to serve as inspiration for young people who want to pursue a career within the music industry. Joel Lancaster is a 20-year-old singer from Croydon, who performs under the name of JL.  He says: "Singing has always been … Continue reading Putting in Work to Achieve His Dreams: Joel’s Story

The Matter of Chasing Dreams

There is a matter that has been bothering me for a long time and I feel that it is often skated over.  I do not understand why young people are not encouraged to pursue their dreams, but they are rather steered towards settling for what is considered easy or just in their reach. This is … Continue reading The Matter of Chasing Dreams