Defying Society’s Expectations

With the upcoming conversation on Social Expectations at The Kickback, Mhairi shares her thoughts and experiences on the topic. Personally, as someone who works mostly with those who don’t follow the norms and expectations of society, I cannot understand why so many are under an apparent spell of people-pleasing and constantly trying to give society … Continue reading Defying Society’s Expectations

Celebrating Two Years at Poetic Insight

One thing that remains constant about Young People Insight is that I never know what to expect - apart from being sure of dynamic conversation at The Kickback and being inspired at Poetic Insight. Any thoughts or notions I had about Poetic Insight on January 30th completely went out the window once the event finally … Continue reading Celebrating Two Years at Poetic Insight

YP Insight Forum Discusses Relationships Part 2

In July, we discussed relationships and in August, it was time for Relationships Part 2, but with a focus on the men this time. On August 16th, we started by sharing what we think are the most important elements of a relationship.  There were a whole lot of responses, including: Communication Putting an equal amount … Continue reading YP Insight Forum Discusses Relationships Part 2