Are you a Chronic Procrastinator?

April Green shows her transparency and shares tips on how to deal with chronic procrastination.  Do you always finish your work minutes before the deadline? Do you swear every time, the next time would be different and you would do a better job, yet again follow the same vicious cycle? Welcome to the possibility of … Continue reading Are you a Chronic Procrastinator?

A New Host at Poetic Insight

Shaniqua looks back on July's Poetic Insight, which was all about Dreams & Goals. July was all about dreams and goals at YPI, which was the theme of Poetic Insight on July 30th, and I can say that the night was a dream for me and definitely one of my favourite Poetic Insight events in … Continue reading A New Host at Poetic Insight

What drives you towards reaching your goals?

Hakeem looks back on our goals focused conversation at The Kickback in July. For the theme of July’s Kickback, it was Goals – what’s your purpose in life and what drives you there. We had two great guest speakers for this edition as they shared with us their goals in life, and how they stay … Continue reading What drives you towards reaching your goals?

Let’s Talk About Goals

It was all about goals at The Kickback on July 24th, as we thought about the goals we had and goals we could aspire to after hearing from positive, inspiring young people. To start the conversation, I asked what a goal is.  Mhairi made us all laugh with her witty response: "Where you aim in … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Goals

What is Happiness?

For the first time, I could not be at The Kickback , so I was unable to take my usual notes.  However, Naomi Gabriel took over in my absence and here she provides insight into the conversation. The Kickback’s theme on February 20th theme was ‘What is Happiness?’ As Shaniqua was away in Belgium, Stephen … Continue reading What is Happiness?

What do young people see as success?

A couple of weeks back, I asked what you see as success, which was a question mainly aimed at young people.  I understood that we all look at success differently, with one person's definition of success varying from another, but I was not sure about what young people's definition of success would specifically be. I … Continue reading What do young people see as success?