Atop Olympus

Coiled in shadows, concealing agendas of fibs and fables – Venomous tongues, sibilating vowels and consonants forming non-existent meaning, Stinging media mouths; coughing up pretensions of protection, Vomited into open lips of the hungry, who consume but will never be full. Starving stomachs craving sustenance, yet rarely receiving; Writhing in pain, falling by the wayside, … Continue reading Atop Olympus

A Clouded View

We've been brought into a world, Thrown into a society, Where it's as if young people, Are willed to fail. A government, Which seems to hate us, Media that for some reason, Wants to demonise us. Elders that want to make decisions for us, Not allowing us to have our say, Preferring us to complain … Continue reading A Clouded View

What can we do to stop the terror of knife crime?

Although knife crime is a constant presence throughout the year, there are periods of time when the media reports on a series stabbings throughout the country.  The stabbings that many of us are oblivious to most of the time are now thrust in our face, making us aware of a problem that shows no signs … Continue reading What can we do to stop the terror of knife crime?

Why it is important for us to be the change

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a debate/discussion entitled #ICantTrust, which was presented by the youth magazine Live Mag UK.  This event allowed young people to have a voice, while also aiming to address the issues surrounding race relations and policing. The evening was interesting, insightful and inspiring, as I gained new information, heard … Continue reading Why it is important for us to be the change

Being unemployed makes young people feel useless

Annoyed.  Frustrated.  Tired.  Stressed.  Confused.  Depressed.  And most of all, useless.  These are terms some young people have used to describe their feelings of being unemployed.  One young person added, "There isn't much you can do without a constant income", while another went further to say, "It felt like I couldn't do anything". In this … Continue reading Being unemployed makes young people feel useless