How can we address youth violence?

We're focusing on youth violence at The Kickback next Tuesday, at a time when youth violence and violent crime as a whole in London has been plaguing the headlines.  The reported surge in gun and knife crime is being labelled as an epidemic, which unfortunately isn't a surprise to me, as I saw it heading … Continue reading How can we address youth violence?

We need to find a way to stop the cycle

I am currently reading One Blood: Inside Britain's Gang Culture by John Heale, and it is constantly opening my eyes and helping me to realise why young people are in the state that they are. I've desperately wanted to understand why young people have resorted to violent crime to resolve their problems, or why there … Continue reading We need to find a way to stop the cycle

The ‘One Minute in May’ Campaign

With the continuous reports of knife crime and youth violence, public awareness and youth centred organisations or initiatives are growing in importance.  These are necessary to not only prevent violent youth crimes, but also to engage the young people of this generation. The One Minute in May campaign was set up to "confront the ever-growing … Continue reading The ‘One Minute in May’ Campaign

Violent Crime: A Growing Issue

It is disturbingly worrying to see so many young individuals turning to violence to resolve certain situations.  What is worst, however, is that they are turning to weapons to carry out their violent crimes, which results in further trauma. In this world, it appears that we have a problem with communication, especially us young people.  … Continue reading Violent Crime: A Growing Issue