What’s Coming Up in April?

The clocks have gone forward and the sun is shining longer, which means that spring is officially here!  Spring is a great season, with beautiful blossoms blowing in the air and of course, more great YPI events.  You're going to love what we've got in store for you this month. The Kickback We've got another … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in April?

What is Happiness?

For the first time, I could not be at The Kickback , so I was unable to take my usual notes.  However, Naomi Gabriel took over in my absence and here she provides insight into the conversation. The Kickback’s theme on February 20th theme was ‘What is Happiness?’ As Shaniqua was away in Belgium, Stephen … Continue reading What is Happiness?

Discussing Careers at the Young People Insight Forum

Careers was the topic of discussion at Project B on April 19th,  after the topic of March's forum changed from careers to knife crime. This change probably worked out for the better, as on Tuesday we were joined by two representatives from Croydon Council.  Roopa Doshi and Melad Ali, their Team Apprentice, work to ensure that young people, … Continue reading Discussing Careers at the Young People Insight Forum

What does fun mean for young people?

With the festive season in full swing, fun is the word on many people's lips and in many people's minds.  In a time filled with reports of economic crises, poverty and mindless violence, we need fun to create a happy medium. I've spent some time speaking to a variety of young people, finding out what … Continue reading What does fun mean for young people?

What do young people see as success?

A couple of weeks back, I asked what you see as success, which was a question mainly aimed at young people.  I understood that we all look at success differently, with one person's definition of success varying from another, but I was not sure about what young people's definition of success would specifically be. I … Continue reading What do young people see as success?