Raising Awareness Through Illustration

Manisha Rekhi shares some of her illustrations and the inspiration behind the illustrations she creates to raise awareness. I have been passionate about art from a very young age. It started as a form of escapism, then it grew to the point where I can share my personal thoughts to people through a visual standpoint. … Continue reading Raising Awareness Through Illustration

What Inspired Me to Write My First Book

Sky Caesar shares what inspired her to write her first book and what you can gain from reading it. I grew up travelling around the world, had family of different spiritual beliefs to learn from, my parents taught me self-love and black empowerment, I was speaking 3-4 languages before primary school age. Yet with all … Continue reading What Inspired Me to Write My First Book

October is NOT Diversity Month – Throwback Thursday

Elliott continues his series of blog posts on why October is Black History Month and NOT Diversity Month, focusing on some major moments in black history. As black people, it's important to never forget that we all came from Africa. Our origins and roots descend from that continent and it was captivity that separated us … Continue reading October is NOT Diversity Month – Throwback Thursday

Let’s Talk About Life Goals

Life Goals was the theme of our forum on June 20th, with the aim of inspiring young people and getting them thinking about the direction they want to take in life. We started by revealing some of the goals we had, which included travelling the word, starting a business, keeping a job, embarking on a … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Life Goals