Looking Back on 2018 as we Move Forward to 2019

It was our final event of the year on December 18th, as we came together in Urban XChange Bar & Grill to look back at 2018, and make plans for moving forward in 2019.  As it was the final event of the year, we of course had poetry and spoken word as well, bringing The … Continue reading Looking Back on 2018 as we Move Forward to 2019

Poetic Insight: Moving Forward & Celebration

A month before the first youth forum in January 2016, I launched a short film that kick-started the youth platform that Young People Insight has evolved into. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbpawGxg83s It made perfect sense that the first birthday of Young People Insight would be celebrated with a night of poetry and spoken word, at the first Poetic Insight … Continue reading Poetic Insight: Moving Forward & Celebration

Celebrating Our 1st Birthday at Poetic Insight

This month will be a year since I started holding youth forums as part of Young People Insight, transitioning from simply being a blog and officially kicking off the youth platform.  Celebrating our first birthday will coincide with Poetic Insight, our first event of the year and the first of our monthly poetry nights. Poetic Insight … Continue reading Celebrating Our 1st Birthday at Poetic Insight

Moving Forward into 2017

On December 20th, we had our last Young People Insight forum of the year, and it was all about moving forward.  We discussed how YP Insight would develop and move forward in 2017, as we took a look back on YP Insight in 2016. It was important for me to hear from the young people … Continue reading Moving Forward into 2017

Moving Forward to Become the Change

As I mentioned earlier in the year, Young People Insight is moving forward and bigger things are being planned for this year.  One of the ways that the platform is moving forward is through developing a media campaign/project with youth charity, Fixers. Fixers is an organisation that works with young people aged 16-25, helping them … Continue reading Moving Forward to Become the Change