How Young People Insight is Changing in 2020

Our Founding Director, Shaniqua, shares how YPI will be changing this year and why these changes are taking place. We’re well into January 2020, which officially means that YPI has been going as a physical platform for four years, and has been a Community Interest Company for one year. I still can’t believe how long … Continue reading How Young People Insight is Changing in 2020

What’s Coming Up in May?

May is here, which means that Mental Health Awareness Week will be taking place, which means that we will be focusing on Mental Health here at Young People Insight.  Mental health is incredibly important, but it has been neglected and not taken seriously enough for a long time.  There continues to be a lot of … Continue reading What’s Coming Up in May?

YPI Spotlight: Annotate

This month we're starting a new segment called YPI Spotlight, where we shine the spotlight on a member of the YP Insight Family, giving them the opportunity to speak about their involvement with YPI and the great things they're getting up to.  First up is Poetic Insight veteran and long time YP Insight Family member, … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: Annotate