Cutting Love

He waited until she was vulnerable. Delicate as gossamer, she lounged alone, droplets decorating her face. Perching next to her, he stroked the trickling dew from her eyes, carving out his introduction. She’d heard his name, vaguely glimpsed him Occasionally he cut into her thoughts. Never did she consider he’d ever incise his way into … Continue reading Cutting Love

Warped Structure

I want to sling a jack hammer, send it slicing through you Watch your walls became dust. Not that eyes can’t see your erosion. Crumbling, subsiding, as every second passes Yet standing firm, not tumbling down. Restoration long overdue Your warped structure poses constant danger Wreaking havoc with lives has become normality. Still you stand … Continue reading Warped Structure

Atop Olympus

Coiled in shadows, concealing agendas of fibs and fables – Venomous tongues, sibilating vowels and consonants forming non-existent meaning, Stinging media mouths; coughing up pretensions of protection, Vomited into open lips of the hungry, who consume but will never be full. Starving stomachs craving sustenance, yet rarely receiving; Writhing in pain, falling by the wayside, … Continue reading Atop Olympus