Not the New Normal

"Oh no, not another one," "It's happened again," And again. And again. And again. 15-year-old stabbed to death yards from school gates, Business studies student stabbed to death near university halls, Teenager stabbed in chicken shop, 16-year-old stabbed in the head yards from secondary school; Teenager stabbed, Teenager stabbed to death, Young person stabbed, Young … Continue reading Not the New Normal

How can we drive down knife crime attacks?

On Monday night, a 16-year-old boy became the tenth young victim of knife crime in London this year.  Two weeks ago, a 17-year-old became the ninth victim and just 24 hours before him, another 17-year-old was stabbed to death for 'disrespecting another boy' by talking to his girlfriend. It is not surprising to learn that … Continue reading How can we drive down knife crime attacks?

Knife crime has become a part of everyday life

Last night, I shook my head in disbelief as I read about yet another young man being stabbed do death.  The utter shock I felt was not because a young man had been stabbed, but rather that it was another to add to the numerous stabbings that had taken place over the past week.  I … Continue reading Knife crime has become a part of everyday life

Self Harm: Tasha’s Story

Tasha* started self-harming when she was about 15-years-old, as she took a key to her lower arm and created a short scratch.  She doesn't remember exactly what triggered it, but she remembers having feelings of anger and a desire to see a scar - "I wanted to see if I had the ability to make … Continue reading Self Harm: Tasha’s Story