Hard To Take Away the Positives – #GE2019

Elliott expresses his thoughts on the outcome of last week's General Election. The Result Conservative Party: 364 (326 for a majority = 38 seat majority, +47) Labour Party: 203 (-59) Scottish National Party: 48 (+13) Liberal Democrats: 11 (-1) DUP: 8 (-2) Other: 15 (+2) What happened on Friday morning should have never happened, but … Continue reading Hard To Take Away the Positives – #GE2019

What do you think gender is?

Shaniqua gives you a snapshot of the conversation at The Kickback in November when we were talking about Gender Identity. The Kickback on the 19th November saw us sitting down to talk about Gender Identity, as suggested by Kris.  Although Kris couldn't be at the event, he sent through some questions that were used as … Continue reading What do you think gender is?

What is race? – Part 2

Ellie continues to look back on October's conversation at The Kickback, which focused on Concept of Race. As I said in my previous post, the conversation at The Kickback on the 15th October was so insightful that I’ve split it into two parts. After speaking about what race is and the stereotypes that can come … Continue reading What is race? – Part 2

A Clouded View

We've been brought into a world, Thrown into a society, Where it's as if young people, Are willed to fail. A government, Which seems to hate us, Media that for some reason, Wants to demonise us. Elders that want to make decisions for us, Not allowing us to have our say, Preferring us to complain … Continue reading A Clouded View

Creative Futures Programme Day 13: Debates

After being away for a week, I finally returned to the LNK unit for the Creative Futures Programme, where we discussing the debate element of 'Positive Summer Vibes'.  We were joined by Daniel Harran and the 'SONS' from online community radio station, EDGE fm. We knew that a number of debate segments would be a … Continue reading Creative Futures Programme Day 13: Debates