Mental Struggle

Following on from her Mental Health Awareness Week post and leading up to The Kickback and Poetic Insight, Shaniqua shares a poem about how it feels to struggle mentally. How can you find peace when the inner depths of you is a living hell? Your own mind determined to destroy you from inside out Send … Continue reading Mental Struggle

How I’m Battling with Myself Mentally

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, our founder, Shaniqua, shares her experience of her mental health struggles and how they have continued to affect her. If you've followed the YPI blog and my journey over the years, you will know about my battle with self-harm and my mental battles with myself, which led to me … Continue reading How I’m Battling with Myself Mentally

Telling My Truth

Truth is one of the main elements at the centre of Young People Insight, with young people being encouraged to tell their truths in their own words.  That is tell their truth without distortion from the media or pressure to say the right thing from others; just raw, unadulterated truth. As the founder of Young … Continue reading Telling My Truth

Matthew Don continues to make moves to pursue his dream

Last year, 21-year-old Croydon native, Matthew Don, was preparing to play college basketball at Cameron University in the United States.  Now, he is preparing to play professional basketball in Spain, making yet another move on the journey to make his dreams come true. Matthew played the position of Power Forward/Center during his year at Cameron … Continue reading Matthew Don continues to make moves to pursue his dream

Why cutting benefits is not the solution for youth unemployment

Although reported youth unemployment figures have decreased over the past two years, it is a recurring problem that needs to be effectively addressed.  The Conservatives are continuously making cuts, that not only affect young people but also wider society, and they now want to cut benefits for unemployed 18 to 21-year-olds. These cuts could have … Continue reading Why cutting benefits is not the solution for youth unemployment

University students need more emotional support

We are continuing to read about the increase of mental health issues among young people in the news, particularly on the subjects of suicide and self harm.  The focus on mental and emotional health is forcing us to realise that more action needs to be taken and I think that it is urging the government … Continue reading University students need more emotional support

Self Harm: Shaniqua’s Story

I remember being in my early teenage years and feeling sick and tired of the pain that I was suffering at the hands of someone that cared about - along with his friends to back him up.  I'd already had others who had hurt me.  There had already been a number of times when I'd … Continue reading Self Harm: Shaniqua’s Story