Why You Should Watch Aadam Speaks’ TEDx Talk

Shaniqua lets you know why you should watch YP Insight family member, Aadam Speaks' TEDx talk. If you've been checking out our Spotlight posts, you would have seen the spotlight on Aadam Speaks when he told us that he had recently delivered a TEDx talk.  I can now excitedly announce that his TEDx talk is … Continue reading Why You Should Watch Aadam Speaks’ TEDx Talk

YPI Spotlight: Aadam Speaks

In this month's YPI Spotlight segment, we shine the spotlight on Poetic Insight favourite and enthusiastic member of the YP Insight Family member, Aadam Speaks, who is using his voice to change the world. ‘Let’s start putting the word human into humanity.’ My name is Adam Khaliq - also known as Aadam Speaks - I am … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: Aadam Speaks