Telling My Truth

Truth is one of the main elements at the centre of Young People Insight, with young people being encouraged to tell their truths in their own words. ┬áThat is tell their truth without distortion from the media or pressure to say the right thing from others; just raw, unadulterated truth. As the founder of Young … Continue reading Telling My Truth

The Basis of Young People Insight: Empowering Youth Voice

Empowering the voices of young people is vital in a time when it feels as if their say means nothing. There are young individuals who will give up on trying to have their say altogether, going along with what they are told or staying in the box they've been put into, but hating it all … Continue reading The Basis of Young People Insight: Empowering Youth Voice

A Clouded View

We've been brought into a world, Thrown into a society, Where it's as if young people, Are willed to fail. A government, Which seems to hate us, Media that for some reason, Wants to demonise us. Elders that want to make decisions for us, Not allowing us to have our say, Preferring us to complain … Continue reading A Clouded View