Hard To Take Away the Positives – #GE2019

Elliott expresses his thoughts on the outcome of last week's General Election. The Result Conservative Party: 364 (326 for a majority = 38 seat majority, +47) Labour Party: 203 (-59) Scottish National Party: 48 (+13) Liberal Democrats: 11 (-1) DUP: 8 (-2) Other: 15 (+2) What happened on Friday morning should have never happened, but … Continue reading Hard To Take Away the Positives – #GE2019

YPI Spotlight: Renee Lord-Lindsay

The YPI Spotlight segment returns to shine the spotlight on YP Insight Family member and one of our trusted advisors, Renee Lord-Lindsay, who has set up her own initiative to support others and bring change to Croydon. ‘My life began to change the moment I started asking the right questions and receiving the wrong answers.’ … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: Renee Lord-Lindsay

On Our Black-Ish at Poetic Insight

On October 31st, we saw out Black History Month at another special Poetic Insight.  Our theme for the night was Black-Ish, which led to a variety of beautiful, powerful and inspiring poetry delivered by young talent. First we heard from Nyasha, who returned to the Poetic Insight stage after some time away and celebrated the … Continue reading On Our Black-Ish at Poetic Insight