Exploring Trauma Through Creative Writing

Black Angel shares what went into writing their first book and what you can gain from reading it. This combination of stories and poems are a short collection I use to explore difficult subjects, such as sexual abuse and depression. I seek not only to bring awareness of these areas of trauma that many people … Continue reading Exploring Trauma Through Creative Writing

What Inspired Me to Write My First Book

Sky Caesar shares what inspired her to write her first book and what you can gain from reading it. I grew up travelling around the world, had family of different spiritual beliefs to learn from, my parents taught me self-love and black empowerment, I was speaking 3-4 languages before primary school age. Yet with all … Continue reading What Inspired Me to Write My First Book

How Opening Your Mind Can Help You Step into Your Power

Sky Caesar explores how opening your mind can help you to step into your power and become limitless. What does it mean to live the life you want? Is this some mythical formula of hard work, no sleep or luck? We think the chance circumstances of the outside world is what is going to make … Continue reading How Opening Your Mind Can Help You Step into Your Power

YPI Spotlight: #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie

The YPI Spotlight segment is back, and this time we're shining the spotlight on Poetic Insight performer and YP Insight Family member, #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie, a long time writer who is taking the poetry and spoken word world by storm. I want to rightfully start, by thanking Young People Insight, from the blog itself to the wonderful … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: #TheGuyWithThePurpleTie

We Are Dreamt Off

With July's focus being on Dreams & Goals, Ellie Ruby reflects on dreams in a piece of creative writing. When I was a little girl my mother was a bellows, crouching at the foot of her kindling. She blew so hard to make sure my dreams billowed out. Shrouded me. To a mother, a child … Continue reading We Are Dreamt Off

Meet Our First Team Member

I’m Mhairi Potts-Wyatt, 22 years old and work with autistic children in both primary and secondary settings. I am an advocate for mental health awareness with a passion for writing and particularly poetry. I started writing through a blog and only last year began performing some of what I’d written, having broken my leg and … Continue reading Meet Our First Team Member