How I’m Saying Goodbye to YPI

Our Founding Director, Shaniqua, shares how she will saying the final goodbye to YPI and why you won't want to miss it. Hello beautiful people and a very happy new year. It’s been a full year since anything appeared on the YPI blog, but I’m back with some words and updates for you, almost for … Continue reading How I’m Saying Goodbye to YPI

It’s Time for YPI to Wind Down

Our Founding Director, Shaniqua, speaks on the winding down of YPI, how she came to this decision and the platform's legacy going forward. Going Back to the Start Five years ago, I realised that I wanted to start a platform. A platform for young people to make their voices heard, away from screens. I wanted … Continue reading It’s Time for YPI to Wind Down

Are you a Chronic Procrastinator?

April Green shows her transparency and shares tips on how to deal with chronic procrastination.  Do you always finish your work minutes before the deadline? Do you swear every time, the next time would be different and you would do a better job, yet again follow the same vicious cycle? Welcome to the possibility of … Continue reading Are you a Chronic Procrastinator?

YPI Spotlight: Antonia Green

This month, we're shining the YPI Spotlight on occasional Kickback participant and YPI photographer, Poetic Insight veteran and YP Insight Family member, Antonia Green, a poet who found a space to perform and grow in YPI. First things first, big up Shaniqua for giving me this month’s spotlight. Also, thank you to YPI for being … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: Antonia Green

YPI Spotlight: Hakeem Hall

This month, we're shining the YPI Spotlight on regular Kickback participant and YP Insight Family member, Hakeem Hall, whose own work reflects the work of YPI, helping people to communicate and feel heard . For many YP Insight is a healer, a chance for young people to open up about issues in an environment that … Continue reading YPI Spotlight: Hakeem Hall

Coronavirus – Post-sanity

In a time of confusion, worry and uncertainty, Marina Curran expresses her thoughts through poetry. Stripped bare, take my socks and gloves and desanitise me, Show me life's bare bones, the last remains – post sanity, Let me stand 2m from your face, and explain our fate, do you understand me, Because we're all scared … Continue reading Coronavirus – Post-sanity

How I Helped My Local MP to Shake Up the Polls

Elliott looks back a special cocktail experience he played a part in curating for his local MP in the run up to today's General Election.  The 2019 General Election is happening today, with many MPs standing for re-election and parliamentary candidates waiting to see what takes place after they’ve been plotting to gain seats. They … Continue reading How I Helped My Local MP to Shake Up the Polls

What is race? – Part 2

Ellie continues to look back on October's conversation at The Kickback, which focused on Concept of Race. As I said in my previous post, the conversation at The Kickback on the 15th October was so insightful that I’ve split it into two parts. After speaking about what race is and the stereotypes that can come … Continue reading What is race? – Part 2