What We Did

Poetic Insight

Poetic Insight provided young people and young adults with a creative outlet to express themselves and speak their mind on a variety of topics.  Themes included Relationships, Love & Hate, Violence and Black-ish.

“It’s so good to see that there’s a place young people can go to get something off their chest.  If there’s nothing like this, then we would keep our emotions in and express it in negative ways.  Poetry is therapy.” – Jamal

Poets and spoken word artists of all levels were always welcome and gently encouraged to take to the stage, providing them with the opportunity to develop confidence, public speaking skills and their stage presence.

Our future economy will thirst
For courage, creativity and communication
As tech takes over.
But if this is a drought, YPI is a dam.
Quenching the community
With discussion and expression.
Picture lines of children to the horizon
Waiting, as I once was, to find fearlessness
And embrace them
By supporting Shaniqua.
– Kris

Social Events

Social events gave young people the chance to interact with others and expand their network by creating meaningful relationships in a fun, laid-back environment.  Previous events included the games night, Come Out to Play, Get Together, and a party celebrating our third birthday.